OLGA’s 2024 Slate of Officers

President – Sharon Skoworn

Vice President – Linda Anderson

Treasurer – Linda Morris

Secretary – Colleen Ritter

Election of officers will take place on

November 28th at Member/Member Luncheon


              The place to be on Tuesdays

                      for League Days!


                           Tuesday Play

     January – March          10:00 AM Shotgun Start

     Luncheon Days             10:00 AM Shotgun Start

                           April            9:00 AM Shotgun Start  

                            May             7:30 AM Shotgun and

                                                  10:30 AM Tee Times

  June – September            7:00 AM  Tee Times and

                                                  11:00 AM Tee Times

                    October              OVERSEEDING

November-December      10:00 AM Shotgun Start



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