Rule of the Month –   February 2019

Dropping the Ball in a relief area.

Under the old rule a player had to hold the ball at shoulder height and drop the ball so it would fall straight down. 

Under the new Rule 14.3a The original ball or another ball may be used. You may use any ball each time you drop or place a ball under this rule.

Rule 14.3b:  The ball must be dropped the right way which means all three of these things:

  • You must drop ball, neither your caddie nor anyone else may do so.
  • You must let go of the ball from a location at knee height so the ball falls straight down, without you throwing, spinning or rolling it or using any other motion that might affect where your ball will come to rest and
  • Does not touch any part of your body or equipment before it hits the ground.

“Knee Height” means the height of your knee when in a standing position.

The ball must be dropped in the relief area.

If your ball is dropped in a wrong way (shoulder height) in breach of one or more of these three requirements, you must drop your ball again in the right way (Knee height) and there is no limit to the number of times you must do so.

A ball dropped in the wrong way does not count as one of the two drops required before the ball must be placed.

If you play a ball that was dropped or replaced in a wrong way you get one penalty stroke.

If this is not clear or you have questions please contact me. Joyce Schwartz e-mail, Phone 480-802-4409