IronOaks Local Rules 2016


Rule of the Month –     MAY 2017


You tee off on Lakes #2 and your ball goes in the water.  What are your options?

According to Rule 26, Ball in Lateral Water Hazard (red), you have several options.  The most realistic choices for this hole are:

  1. One stroke penalty, hit again from tee box and yes, you may re-tee (Rule 20-5,a) –hitting 3
  2. Go to the drop area and drop a ball – one stroke penalty – hitting 3

If your ball hits the apron or lands on the green and then rolls back into the water, you may use either option above.   Or, since the ball actually cleared the hazard, you may drop a ball within two club-lengths, no nearer the hole than the point the ball last crossed the margin of the water hazard.

You may only use this option IF your ball was on dry land and rolled back into the hazard!


When in doubt…….. ASK  your fellow competitors, and/or play a second ball and get a ruling at the conclusion of the round prior to signing your card.


To view 3 of the rules changes that are most likely to come into play :

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