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OLGA Club Championship Winners 2018

Club Championship Standings 2018 Round 2

Club Championship 2018 Round 1

OLGA’s Club Championship

The club championship is a 3 week event and is scheduled for MARCH 6, 13, and 20 of 2018.  The competition uses the players gross scores to determine the winners.  there is an overall winner and then first, second and third place winners in each flight. a participant must play on all 3 play days.  the competition is played on each combination of the courses: Lakes/Palms, Palms/Sonoran and Sonoran/Lakes.


  • The Club Champion will be the player with the lowest combined gross score at the completion of three rounds.
  • The winner may come from any flight.
  • In the event of a tie for the overall winner, there will be a sudden death playoff that will be completed immediately following the final round.


  • The top three places (lowest combined gross score for three weeks) will be paid in each flight.
  • With the exception of the overall winner, all ties, for any place, in any flight, will have monies split among those tied.