Add, Cancel, No-Shows

Cancel, No Show and Add Policies:


Policy for “Late Cancellations’ and ‘No Show’:
1. If you need to cancel by Friday noon, call Chelsea and follow the prompts for “event request.”
2. If you need to cancel between Friday noon and Monday noon, call the OLGA cancellation line (480-317-3650, ext. 2) and leave your name, phone number and the date you wish to cancel.
3. If you cancel between Monday noon and Tuesday morning, call the Pro Shop at 895-1159, ext. 7. (This is a courtesy call only, and does not absolve a player from being assessed the $3.00 cancellation fee. See below.)
4. If a player does not show up without cancelling prior to noon the day before the day of league play, she will be assessed $3.00 which must be paid within one (1) week in order to be paired for play the following week.


Once pairings are posted you must call the cancel/add line ( 480-317-3650, ext. 2) by Monday at 12:00pm and leave a message that you would like to be added. You will be added depending on the game of the day and if you fit into the existing pairings.  The  tournament chair will notify you Monday afternoon/evening if you will be playing and of  your tee time. Late adds will be limited to 3 times a year per person.  No WALK-ONs on day of play!