OLGA’s Member/Guest Photos

OLGA’s 2022 Member Guest Photos

Flower Power

                Flight #1 Winners – Cathy Engen and Leslie Smith
              Flight #2 Winners – Julie Hastings and Candy Watkinson


              Flight #3 Winners – Lorraine Blair and Kathy Schnell
                Flight #4 Winners – JoAnn Ratliff and Frankie Hatch
               Flight #5 Winners – Barbara Anderson and Martha Oswalt
                    Flight #6 Winners – Cindy Paskey and Jayne Thielen

OLGA’s 2018 Member Guest Photos

Rhinestone Cowgirls

Member/Guest Putting Contest prior to the Horse Race Competition

Horse Race Competition followed by a Social Hour on Monday Evening

Member/Guest  Competition followed by Lunch on Tuesday

Member/Guest  Chairperson, Julie Clausen

Member/Guest Team


OLGA’s 2017 Member Guest Photos












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Under the Big Top

     1st Place Winners

IMG_1973 IMG_1969 IMG_1972 IMG_1970 IMG_1968 IMG_1966

Fun Times Under the Big Top

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IMG_1936 IMG_1926 IMG_1862_2 IMG_1937 IMG_1939 IMG_1885

 IMG_1872_2 IMG_1889_2 IMG_1890_2 IMG_1891_2 IMG_1899_2 IMG_1902_2 IMG_1923 IMG_1925IMG_1880_2IMG_1881_2IMG_1884_2IMG_1886_2IMG_1896